Upgrade from 7800GTX

ive narrowed down my choices of cards to upgrade from my 7800gtx
cards ive chosen are:

hd 6950
hd 7770
hd 6850
GTX 550Ti
GTX 560

these cards all fit in my budget but whats the best overall performer with my fx 4100 cpu OC'd to 4 ghz
i want to be able to max out wow and play games on steam :D
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  1. IIRC the 6950 is the most powerful out of the group. The 560 might be slightly faster but not noticeably, and not worth the price discrepancy.

    I have two 6850s in crossfire and they chew through every thing I throw at them except for FXAA in some games. Older forms of AA my set up renders no problem I think this is a Vram issue.

    All of these cards should be able to max out WOW, and it really depends on what games you want to play via steam. Steam is just a font end for game distribution. Do you mean you want to play source games on max or just games purchased through steam?
  2. games purchased through steam, like l4d, half life, borderlands
  3. It's too bad you can't wait a year and get a 780 GTX. :p

    The 6950 is by far the most powerful of that bunch, but I'd recommend a 7850 instead. More bang for the buck. The others are all good options at their price point, except for the GTX 550 Ti. 6850 and 7770 are pretty evenly matched, the GTX 560 a little better.
  4. monitor size and res/opsys.........
  5. @swifty, 2x19" monitors at 1366x768 resolution

    @Sakkura, i will be able to go all out on a gpu next year, just need one to last me up to around december-january
  6. At that resolution, you won't really need something like a 6950 (or 7850). I'd probably recommend a 6850 or 7770, they're quite affordable.

    Edit: Oops, two monitors. Well, a GTX 560 would still do alright in many games.
  7. oops, forgot to mention, because of the graphics card, ill be runnin a hdmi from the card to my 32" tv to play games on
  8. Will you be using only the TV when you're gaming?

    In that case, if it's 720p resolution or less, a 6850 or 7770 (whichever's cheaper) would be my recommendation. If it's 1080p I'd go for the GTX 560.
  9. Yeah its 1080p, another question, i dont have sound my pc (tried every fix), but will i still get sound on my tv through the hdmi?
  10. yes, but if i remember correctly you have to go into the TV's control panel to make it work............. i think it's choose tv speakers over whatever else was there.

    and don't forget to select the HDMI from windows control panel/sound vs realtek or whatever is there.
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