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Hello, I have a wireless router with 3 pc's connected with ethernet cable and 1 laptop connected with wireless. How do I set up a new wireless printer so I can print from all pc's? I'm Using Windows XP on the pc's and Windows 7 on the laptop.
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  1. A decent printer will have a configuration button someplace and that should somehow lead to a setting for the wifi capabilities of the printer. Set it up and punch-in the IP address you want the printer to answer to and the subnet mask and you're done. Even I know that. I also know that you shouldn't be saddened when your printer always shows "Automatic" on your computers and never wants to print automatically (always needing to re-new the connection before it will print). Such is life.
  2. Bom,

    Thanks for your reply, but I solved my issue by just connecting the printer to one of the pc's with a USB cable, then set up a network with printer/file sharing enabled on each pc after installing printer drivers on all pc's. Now I can print from all pc's on the network. On the wireless laptop and other pc's that are not wired to the printer, I had to add a printer by selecting the printer on the list that was connected to the pc with USB cable.
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