Weird problem!!!!!!

Hi,has this happened to anyone or this the first time.when i touch the power button it turns on but then it shuts down by itself then it starts again without touching the power button. Here is the video what happens.

CPU : intel q9300
GPU : gtx 460
HDD : 320 GB
PSU : AK Series A power 680w

what i have tried : i changed the psu but the same thing occurred.what can i do to solve this. PLEASE HELP , THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY .
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  1. Try one stick of RAM at a time. Does your motherboard have video outputs?
  2. Mine'll do that if I push the overclock too high, try resetting the BIOS back to default values, if that does n't work, reset the CMOS either by removing the motherboard battery or using the reset jumper.
  3. Not working :( i think the problem its to the motherboard :( when i push the power button not starting, i push again reset buttons not starting again :(
  4. You mean nothing happens when you push the power button?
  5. yes. Not starting the PC. i think the problem its to the slots of ram :(
  6. Not even fans spin?

    Take out everything apart CPU, power supply and motherboard. That means video card, RAM, hard drives, DVD drives, unplug monitor, keyboard, mouse. If it still doesn't start, then it's either case wiring that went wrong or the motherboard/power supply is dead.
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