First time building a pc, am i compatiable?

This is my first gaming build so im not totally sure if my parts are compatiable, looking for any tips on parts with a 750$ budget

Western Digital WD Blue 250GB 3.5" SATA 6.0Gb/s Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive
Hard Drive

RAIDMAX SMILODON ATX-612WBP Black Foldout MB Computer Case With Side Panel Window


SONY Black SATA DVD-ROM Drive Model DDU1681S-0B

RAIDMAX HYBRID 2 RX-530SS 530W Modular Power Supply, New Version with Build-in LED Fan On/Off Switch

AMD FX-6100 3.3GHz Socket AM3+ Six-Core Desktop Processor

Kingston HyperX 8GB (4 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 Desktop Memory

Video card :HIS iCooler Radeon HD 7750 H775FS2G Video Card
Video Card

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit

all from newegg
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  1. well...

    I can tell you ur CPU, graphics card, RAM, HDD, and PSU will fit on ur mobo...

    whether if they'll all fit in ur case is another story and I'm not so sure about that.

    u only need 4 core for gaming AFAIK so u can either get faster cores for 4 core or spend a tad more on the graphics card, 7750 isn't the best out there, try for 7770 if at all possible, I think.

    gl hf !
  2. 1: i dont trust biostar motherboards
    2: fx sucks for games. either wait for vishera or get intel. phenoms are a bit out the question
    3:crappy case and psu
    4: better video cards for the money

    fill out the build template so that we can help you further
  3. RAM is bad too. 1.65v, and (4x2gb) kit. A (2x4gb) would be better.
  4. yes. nothing higher than 1.5v would be good
  5. Approximate Purchase Date: today

    Budget Range: 750-800 after shipping

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Wow, movies, more wow

    Are you buying a monitor:No

    Parts to Upgrade: whole system

    Do you need to buy OS: Yes

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg only

    Location: boston, ma

    Parts Preferences: preferably AMD

    Overclocking: maby

    SLI or Crossfire: No

    Your Monitor Resolution: 1024x768,

    Additional Comments: if its possible i would like it to look flashy with lights

    And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: laptop died yesterday
  6. Best answer
    intel chip (because its much faster and more energy efficient) and amd video card

    a10 5800k 3.8 quad core Integrated Radeon HD 7660D GPU

    I would recommend that over the fx cpu line to be honest. It tests awfully close to the i3 intel offerings. Not to bad and only 10 bucks more then the cpu you chose. Plus it uses the new fm2 socket amd is using so you have a few options in cpu upgrades maybe later down the road. But that is my suggestion.
  8. Wow im going to go with the setup you gave me Mr.troll thanks alot
  9. Best answer selected by thesnipe.
  10. no problem
  11. Mr. Troll, WIll a Micro ATX Mobo work with that case? Just curious as I really have no experience with MATX mobos.
  12. Would i be losing much if i switch to this GPU
  13. yes matx mobos work in a atx case. the cases have those standoffs spots

    you lose about 15% or more in performance by switching to a 7850. lets say that a 7850 is the same as a 560ti 448 core and the 7870 being about as good as a gtx580
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