[Case] I need help choosing! This is my current build, the case there now can't be found in Canada for newegg so I thought I'd ask you all which one I should get! Keep it around the same price as the current one please ( I think it was around 50)
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  1. Thinking of going with

    Although, I'm not smart with all this stuff so I don't know if it's fully compatible or any other important things..

    EDIT: Nevermind on this one... Doesn't have usb 3.0 ports in the front I guess
  2. thats not a bad case,would you consider a small increase in your bugdet and look at the BitFenix Shinobi case
    or the HAF case is also very good
  3. I have a Challenger, if you get that get the Challenger U3 for $5 more - it has USB 3.0 on the front panel the regular Challenger does not. I do like the Bitfenix Shinobi also, it should be considered if affordable IMO
  4. Does the have nice cooling? Or should I go with the challenger? I would like to have the 3.0 USB on the front panel.

    EDIT: Here's the new build..
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    I have no experience with the Antec One, I think it looks nice, the one place there is an obvious advantage to the Antec is the embossed right panel door, giving what appears to be about an extra 3/4"-1" clearance behind the motherboard for easier cable mangement. But I really can't complain too much about cable mangement in the Challenger either - just have to work a little at it since there is no relief on either panel
  6. Thanks :)
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