Real word AMD 8120 vs 3570k performance difference?

Seriously, I will be gaming and just general pc usage (Internet, etc) so will I feel a big difference between the two CPUs? Or will it not be much of a difference between the two to notice? There's a $50 difference in price?
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  1. The 3570k has more quality into it. It also has alot more features, and power efficiency.
  2. Since a $50 difference bothers you,get the 8120. It's good enough for gaming and general usage
  3. You probably won't notice a difference at all. If ran a benchmark, the 3570K would score higher though depending which one you ran.
  4. There's really not that much difference for general use unless you do care about power efficiency. A lot of gamers right now are still running Phenom II X4 BEs and getting good frame rates at 1080p.
  5. For basic general use there is no difference.

    You can simply get a Trinity APU or a Pentium G / Core i3 to do basic things...
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