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Im planning on implementing a forefront tmg on my server, normally id connect the modem straight into the switch but to make sure all the traffic goes through the software firewall ive connected it through the servers integrated nic.

So now ive got lan access to the modem and its webgui but no Internet access the ip of the nic is (,, and the modem is set to

But again no Internet access is detected and i cant ping the isp's dns servers.

Just so you know where im going with this i plan to use a static route and nat (built into forefront tmg) to forward all wan traffic through the integrated nic. Ive already tried to use PPPOE with the above setup and im able to share the internet over the entire network using routing and remote access in server 2008 but installing forefront on top of this configuration isnt supported as forefront takes over routing and remote access with no demand dial support.

Any help appricated
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  1. have you tried to set the gateway to
  2. Right thats one problem solved i set the default gateway to and ive got internet access on the integrated nic. Now if i bridge these two networks Ive got internet on the server (not sure why but im not able to use it with the bridge)

    The last thing i need to do is move my current Internet connection shareing from pppoe, Ive tried just using NAT in routing and remote access and selecting the integrated nic for internet access then the pci express one for lan which creates a simalar setup to the pppoe one minus the static route and demand dial interface.

    Ive tried pinging the dns server in this configuration but it times out, The same is true for internet access and the nat screen isnt showing any activity.

    Can you suggest what else might be needed ? ive already disabled bridge mode and nat on the modem to test this.
  3. after watching a few videos on the subject it seems that the problem isn't in the rras configuration but the nic connected to the modem and its ip address.

    Use the following data to configure the TCP/IP address of the network adapter that connects to the external network:
    TCP/IP address: provided by your ISP
    subnet mask: provided by your ISP
    default gateway: provided by your ISP
    DNS server: provided by your ISP
    WINS server: provided by your ISP

    Ive tried to just copy the values verbatim from the modem which obviously doesn't work since the modem and the nic are then on different subnets.

    microsoft rras
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