Am I right? Confused for my decision

:) First of all, a great thanks to this site and all members who gave me enough knowledge in selecting CPU componets and finally I bought a new CPU last sunday and here is my configuration:

Mobo: Asus P8B75-V
Processor : Intel Dual Core 2.7GHz G630 Processor :(
RAM: Corsair 8GB RAM

No graphics card for now

used for: I use this for my bussiness applications and small games sometimes and movies.

Due to budget constraint I bought G630 instead of i3 at that instant in the shop :(

Can anyone please tell me whether it is right decision or not ? Is it correct , spending too much for motherboard than Processor?

is that the motherboard that makes the systems performance or the Processor ?

Please let me know if I took a wrong decision OR correct? I feeel I should not regret my decision after buying it :cry:

edit: sorry mistake in the bold text question
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  1. CPU = Central Processing Unit, so... processor.
  2. @excella1221 : Sorry...wrote processor instead of motherboard in the main question :-)
  3. with mb it not just price and features. the mb you have for paying a few more dollars...if the g chip you bought if it ever becomes to slow you can drop in a faster chip to give the desktop a longer the time the desktop need a new cpu may be a long time from now depending on what you use it for.
  4. The system's performance comes generally from the CPU, if that's what you're asking.
    Pentium G630 isn't still a good CPU anyway.
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