I7-3930k rampage IV extreme, 2hour bsod cycle

ok I have built/am still working on an i7-3930, asus rampage IV extreme, Gskill ripjaws quadchannel ddr3-1600, evga supernova nex1500, and evga geforce 460 v2 system. still in slow upgrade mode. On windows 7.

My problem is every 2 hours like clock work I get a bsod. it lists anything from an Nvidia driver to windows sys drivers. heres the odd part, If i let it boot trough the blue screen it goes to the start windows normally screen, and past that it starts to boot windows, after the logo splash when you get sent to desktop or account selection it bsods again befo0re you even see the screen so during the transition, I have to hard power off the rig then power it back on for windows to boot properly.

most of the time it boots again just fine after doing that, every once in a while it dosent see my bwin ssd i have to power off on again then its fine, also happens with a platter drive, rarely i have to go to bios and reselect the os drive.

Ive ran memtest86, tried a platter drive for the OS with the ssd fully disconnected, I just hope it isnt the proc or mobo, I have a 3 platter raid0 as a temp storage solution for games and whatnot, and also the temps are all steady, well in the happy zone. minidumps and whatnot are basically useless. just wondering if anyone would have any clue what might cause this particular type of situation.
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  1. Why not try the Video Cards. unplug 1 per 1, and check it. Might also be a Driver Problem. Check Nvidia , Asus websites for updates on your hardware. I see you have knowledge of what you are doing so i think you already checked the webs but its never bad to ask.
  2. yea, bios is most current version, as is southbridge and all the rest, Ive even tried older nvidia drivers as well. Im going to dive in to my parts closet and try an old card just to see if its that, just have been trying to put it off till last... XD
  3. yea, not the gfx card...
  4. bump?
  5. Have you figured this out? Funny enough I also just built a rig with an Asus RIVE, i7 3930k, Coolermaster Hyper 212, Kingwin LZP 10000, G.Skill Ripjawz 16gbzl (17000CL11Q), EVGA 680 FTW, WD Velociraptor 600GB, 2 Asus Opticals, and an old 7200 RPM drive (as a backup). I have a similar issue. No matter what I do, after the computer goes to sleep it wakes and I get a BSOD a few minutes later. If I try to overclock I just freeze on sleep and when I restart I get a message saying "overclock failed".
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