Missing Device ATI 4850

AMD AthlonIIx2 3.0 ghz
ASROCK K10N78D AM2+/AMD motherboard PCIE 2.0
2 gigs Kingston DDR2 800 ram
ATI Saphire HD4850 pro Pcie 2.0
WindowsXP Sp3
AMD Catalyst 12.6 (latest) gpu driver

I've been using a Saphire HD4850 now for 2 years with no issues.

I had recently bought a AMD Saphire HD7750 PCIE 3.0 card as a small video upgrade, and installed it and had everything running smooth for about 4 days.

On the 5th day the card started causing screen flickers, crashing and was causing the VPU recover to activate and reset the GPU alot.
I found out that the fan quit working on the card, so I RMA'd it back.

When I replaced my old HD4850 card back in after a driver swweep and cleanup and reinstall, the Video card detected it was missing a PCI device that was linked to the same PCIE IRQ and slot on my HD4850.

I'm assuming that the missing device is the HD audio hardware on the Video card.

While the card still ran, and would run my games, I started noticing that every few minutes of gameplay, my PC would freeze up and no input devices (mouse, keyboard) would respond, effectively locking up my machine for a few seconds, then go back to normal.

Thinking that maybe there were some ghost drivers interfering, I did a fresh format and reinstall of Windows.

After the fresh install, The PCIE device linked to the Videocard still came up in Device manager as a missing device that would not allow any ATI driver to install it.

Games and programs that used the 3d acceleration on the card, would still lock up randomly.

Is it possible that running the new HD7750 PCIE 3.0 card has damaged my PCIE 2.0 slot, and I will have to replace my motherboard?
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  1. Almost forgot, I'm running a ASUS VG236 120hz 23" flatpanel on the DVI to my card. If that makes any difference.
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