Weird monitor visuals after watching videos

Hi everyone, Im having some issues with my pc when I watch videos online. I recently upgraded my gpu from a 6870 to a 7950 mis twin frzrs. I game when I can and the issue never comes up. I noticed that when I watch a video and this morning I was on youtube, my pc has a weird glitch on my montor, no bsod error comes up, I dont hear a weird noise coming from my pc, and I have to push the reset button to get things back to normal. I would greatly appreciate feedback thanks!

Here are my system specs

Ripjaw X ram 2x4gb DDR3 1333
Windows 7 (64bit)
AMD Radeon HD 7950 MSI Twin Frzrs
Hard Drive: 750GB 7200RPM
PSU: antec earthwatts 650
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  1. Try doing a fresh install of your video card drivers to see if that helps.

    If it is only on online videos (aka youtube and the like) check to see if there is an update for flash that you don't have.
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