Computer boots ok then crashes.

I have installed a new motherboard an Asus M5A97 on my system.

My setup is,
Motherboard Asus M5A97
Memory 2GB
2 X HDD 500GB and 1 TB
Gforce 8600 1 MB Graphics card (to be replaced)
DVD drive

The Motherboard CPU and memory are new the DVD graphics card are from the old system and were working okay before.

Okay my problem the system boots okay with one beep goes into BIOS then starts to load windows. Then i get a BSOD with a fairly meaningless message that there has been a problem at (long list of numbers) and then restarts. I have not formatted the HDD yet from the old system i was going to reinstall the OS.

So any idea what the problem is i am wondering if the motherboard is faulty. But really i have not come across this problem before when upgrading a system.

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  1. It's not a "meaningless message" and at least the first part of the "(long list of numbers)" is what we need to help you. My first guess though is, you haven't installed the chip set drivers of your new motherboard and that causes windows to crash.
  2. I meant the message was meaningless to me :)

    The message is
    A problem has been noted with your computer and windows has shut down to avoid damage.

    The numbers are,

    Hmm i don't think its a windows problem i tried booting with a windows XP Install disc and it loaded all the files and crashed with the same message.
  3. Does nobody know the answer or at least the best way i can go about finding the cause of the problem.
  4. I know its a strange problem i have built quite a few systems before. And from experience a new build will either boot ok or refuse to work, not boot okay run for 30 seconds then crash when i try to install /go into windows. My thoughts are that one of the new components CPU, motherboard, memory are faulty but must be working well enough for the PC to boot up. My thoughts are that one of the new components is faulty but works well enough for the PC to boot up.

    Okay before i go to the hassle of contacting the company i bought it from, repacking the MB bundle and paying to send it back is there anything i should try. I would hate to send it back and then the company say its working okay and send it back.

    I have checked the leads and reseated them even tried other leads
    Tried other HDDs
    Removing the motherboard and tried running it with just the CPU, memory and a HDD

    None worked the problem persisted.

    The only other thing i can thing of is to try changing the CPU, memory or MB but i do not have spare CPUs or memory lying around.
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