Stuttering 560 GTX

System Specs
CPU AMD AthlonII X4 640 processor
GPU Nividia GeForce GTX 560 1GB
PSU 450 Watts
OS Windows7 Home Premium
MEM. 16 GB

Per recommendations from a previous Post, I changed my 5770 GPU to the 560. I am now experiencing stuttering graphics on opening screens and 0 FPS on some modded games. I never had that problem with the previous card.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.
Thank You
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  1. did you go into the control panel and uninstall the previous drivers ?

    did you do a custom install when you installed the nvidia drivers ? there could be driver issues, some relating to sound because both parties install sound through HDMI drivers if you just do an express install.
  2. I did uninstall the previous drivers via the control panel, but only after I installed the 560.

    I used the express install.

    Do I now physically remove the card after shutting down the computer and then insert the card again and do a custom install?
  3. just go into the control panel and uninstall. reboot. install physx driver and graphics drivers only.
  4. Nvidia actually recommends a 520w power supply for a system with a GTX 560. This assumes a generic power supply and you would be fine with a high quality 450w unit but what is the make and model of what you have now?
  5. Tried uninstall and reinstall per your recommendations--no joy, still stutters.

    The power supply brand is Antec.

    It seems the problem is worst playing Starcraft 2 at recommended ultra settings, the computer actually shut down twice when a lot of action takes place on the screen. Reducing the setting the still gets me warning messsages about " slowing down the game"
  6. If your computer is actually shutting down you are either overheating or your power supply is not sufficient.

    Use a program like HWMonitor to check your temps while gaming.
  7. that's next. power supply not pushing enough amperage, a bad video card, video card getting hot ( i had troubles with 560's getting too hot around the power circuitry )

    i don't know but I stopped cranking up my settings on 1gig cards. they just can't handle it too often.

    what's the message ? what 560 did you get ?... and don't say Palit please.
  8. ^
    Come on, GTX 560 is strong enough for cranking up settings. My GTX 560 Ti is maxing most new games @ 1080p

    @OP: I'd suspect overheating first, it's unlikely that Antec doesn't have enough amperage. You did connect two 6-pin connectors from your power supply to your graphics card though, didn't you?
  9. Ok Did a fuzzy test, the max running for 5 mins was 81C. The framerate stayed at an average of 81.

    Yes, I did connect both 6 Pin Plugs

    The brand is EVGA and it is a GTX560 non TI
  10. Might as well go all in:

    The reason I did a Fuzzy test is that I have no clue how to set the HW monitor to report temps during a game.
  11. What fuzzy testing program did you use?
  12. MSI Kombustor
  13. Okay that is not GPU overheating. Download Prime95, and run its stress test while monitoring CPU temperature. Maybe your CPU is overheating?
  14. Couldn't get your downoad link to work so I used HW Monitor.

    When playing the game the temp went up to 169degrees farenheit on the GPU
    The CPU high was 122 degrees Farenheit

    The computer did not shut down, although the FPS went from 30 to O several times.
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    Prime95 isn't monitoring software, it's stress test. Here's a download link:

    169 F is around 77°Celcius, right? If so, I'd suggest reseating the heatsink and reapplying the thermal paste. Clean the heatsink as well.
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