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XFX double D 7770 Black edition Vs Sapphire 7770 Vapor-X

Im going to be playing games around 1368 by 768 res (odd ball resoultion i know), and my budget its maxed at $149.99 USD, and im stuck between these too cards The XFX 7770 DD Black edition and the Sapphire Vapor-X 7770, help please.

XFX card:

Sapphire card:
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    Well I've had to deal with XFX support and it is incompetent to say the least. So incompetent that I've sworn off buying their products.

    Sapphire, on the other hand, has excellent support and my dealings with them have always been professional.

    Card wise they're about the same but the Sapphire cooler is a tad more efficient.

    So my opinion would be to go for the Sapphire.
  3. thanks i had the same issue with looking
  4. The main problem is how they do in gaming???
  5. christofergeo said:
    The main problem is how they do in gaming???

    Mine only had hiccups on Uncharted waters online, but that was with catalyst 12.8 rolling back to 12.6 made it flawless, it never goes over 50 in my setup and runs everything I throw at it
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