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ATX/microatx custom build

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October 3, 2012 12:52:37 PM

I had a post about a month back that talked about building an itx machine using the bitfenix prodigy. Due to a few constraints i decided to put a new build together.

I have a few questions on my build before i buy it though.

1. I want to overclock my IB cpu to atleast 4 ghz more if possible. Considering i want to try to keep this build to no more than 1100 should i go with liquid cooling or air. If liquid cooling is the only way to get a good overclock then i may consider it. Also what are some good air cooling system that would give my system to around 25 dBa and still allow me to overclock.
** Im pretty sure im gonna go with an aircooler. Just need to find a good one.

2. I picked the reference 7950 for my gpu. I want to add a afftermarket cooler that will keep the noise between 25 dBa and 30 dBa. Or if thats not possible keep it as quiet as possible. I also want the option to overclock the card. Im thinking 3 slots will probally be needed for this Any one have any good recomendations for this.
im currently looking at the Accelero XTREME Plus

3. I am looking for a relitivly small case. 19 inches at the tallest. 20 inches max depth. Id prefer to try to get the height between 15 and 17 inches and the depth right around 18 inches. The case i currently picked meets the requirements and has the option to be watercooled. however water cooling doesnt seem pratical for my price range so im thinking a new case would be good. i think that my case will need 4 pci slots since ill be using 3 for the gpu and one for my sound card. I also want it to look appealing with lighting. Any better choices out there i may have missed? Ive seen the inwin dragon slayer. it looks pretty nice

Thanks for your help

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October 3, 2012 4:16:48 PM

You want the 500w mk3.
Dragon slayer is a nice case you are right.
Why not buy an already custom cooled card like sapphire or msi and save a slot. Msi with Twin Frozr are almost silent.
Noctua Coolers run almost silent for a premium price.
What's wrong with the motherboard audio?
October 8, 2012 4:40:46 PM

Thanks for your reply.
The motherboard audio is going to be just fine. I did some research into it. I wanted to get a very expensive sound system but well it was expensive.
I am going to go with the msi frozr you are right there.
In the end since i am not needing the extra slot that matx provided i went with my original bitfenix build which will get here today.

I am planning on get a close loop thermaltake 2.0 performer for its cooler( I know i know they dont perform as well as custom ones) because i am having trouble finding a air cooler that will fit with my motherboard(asrock z77 itx board). If anyone knows of a air cooler that will fit into my case please let me know

And thanks for your reply.