What a PC looks like in 2015?

Will PC be dead by the end of the decade? Who will use "PC" in a few years? If PC still exists, what kind of computing power will it have compared to today's typical i7 or i5?

Any input?
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  1. Even the heads of Intel, AMD, and Microsoft don't know. Usually speculations end up looking silly :P
  2. it will be faster, smaller, more efficient
  3. FinneousPJ said:
    Even the heads of Intel, AMD, and Microsoft don't know. Usually speculations end up looking silly :P

    They dont talk about it doesn't mean it is unpredictable. Ok, let's say it is unpredictable, what might have contributed to the uncertainty? Apparently PC will have to change the way it operates. Microsoft is talking about lease licensing for its new Office products. A lot might be done over internet. If that is the case, will PC be the same as it has been for the last 30 years?
  4. Very general question. A desktop in 2015 it will look the same as today. By 2025 I can imagine a central computer in your house that can be accessed from everywhere...kinda cloud thing but personal.
  5. I think we all have it in front of us, it will be a SUPER tablet with new universal connectivity like what HDMI did to A/V... some kind of 128bits type of plug shared amongst all that will allow multiple screens if need be (Haswell CPU is meant to be the hulk of CPUs...) so no more need for GPU etc...

    Glasses free 3D capability for the tablet screen for all sorts of modeling. Super secure Bluetooth (like RFID) etc. type connect for all devices, printer etc. with 3D camera embedded. Full 1Gb/s connectivity with autom switching between 4 or 5G and super N++ wifi.

    A GOOD voice command capability and a projected keyboard if needs be, with projection led as well ion front since the battery will last a week on stand by and a whole 12 hours on normal use. Not a fuel cell but something stable...

    Storage will be NG SSD with 2TB++ the size of a microsd and fully cloud oriented storage and social media publishing. Charging will be via induction and permanent sync with smart phones a given...

    Finally if shapes cannot change too much sizes will be from A5 to A3...giving it also the kindle ability to read books with same feel.

    Weight will be around 50-100grs, yet very robust and probably flexible to some level to allow for some hard use. totally anti scratch screen and choice of look of the back cover will be huge...using simple vinyl stick ons...

    price though will be as usual antiquated since it is not indexed on technology's real value but on proven APPLE marketing rule #1... get the most $$$ for each release...So between $500 and $2000 of today's money.

    and to end on a humour note:

    O/S will quickly become self aware, self healing and will manage our life for us (with of WITHOUT our consent), a merger between Windows 9 or 10, iOS 6 or 7 and Android 5 or 6 will become the ONE and only surviving "choice". All inclusive it will charge us on a user pays and download anything we want (or don't want) via preset MANDATORY paypal account via Cloud services)...

    Did I forget anything?
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