Should I update my drivers?

Hi all. I have a Windows 7 64-bit laptop with the Nvidia GeForce 630M GPU. My current driver version is 285.64 but if I detect my GPU at, I'm told that a later version, 301.42, is available for my GPU.

My question to you guys is if I should update the drivers or not? Is it something I should always do or just ignore? Everything works fine and I do not experience problems but I thught I'd ask anyway.

If I should update the GPU drivers, how should I do it? I've actually never tried updating drivers before.

Thankyou all!
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  1. Edit: The same question goes for the CPU driver (and also the other drivers).
  2. I always like to keep my drivers updated
  3. But will there be complications?

    I actually once received a driver update on my old laptop through windows update, and it kinda screwed a lot of stuff up. :/ So do I risk 'desroying' anything?
  4. No you will not destroy anything, hardware-wise. In a worst case scenario, you just install different drivers if those mess something up. However, I don't recommend the 301.42 drivers due to some bugs. Instead, you should install the 304.79 drivers, which are newer and rock solid.
  5. But those are beta drivers (whatever that means)

    Here, it says the newes version is 301.42:
  6. marute said:
    But those are beta drivers (whatever that means)

    Here, it says the newes version is 301.42:

    That's irrelevant in this case. They are official betas. WHQL drivers have gone through the Windows Hardware Quality Labs testing. This, unfotunately, does not mean they are bug-free. Betas, can sometimes be more stable than WHQL drivers, and in fact that is the case here.

    If you install betas, you will get a "Warning, these drivers have not passed the... Do you still want to proceed with the installation?" (something or other, can't remember the exact phrase). Just click OK to proceed. I can assure you as a Tom's gold medal "Addict", there is not a single thing to fear with beta drivers. If you still are unsure, then at least try out the 301.42 WHQL drivers.
  7. Okay, so is it something you should do? Does it matter or can you just as well leave it be?
  8. There might be some performance improvements, maybe some bug fixes.
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