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Would it be possible to build a computer into my school binder?

I could you the rasberry pie for the main parts of the compter, but I would still have to find a way to get a screen in there and power it with a battery propaly from a laptop.

Im at school at the moment so I can't post a picuture right now, but I will later. Its one of those big binders like you get from five star, you know tons of pockets, a big ziper to keep it closed and a small accordian folder in the back (thats where I was thinking of installing the computer)

Overall you guys think it's possible
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  1. its possible but it would be really hard to do. firstly you would need to take some laptop apart and try to fit the parts into the binder...but at the same time your binder has to be sturdy and you dont want the motherboard to be moving inside..i dont see how can that be done safely lol
  2. I think a tablet/BT keyboard would be ideal for this(self contained power and all), but much less fun.

    If you do attempt this. Please post pics. You will need a very solid way to keep the parts safe and a way to charge the battery.

    Since you can now get USB powered monitors, a 5 volt supply(4 rechargeable 1.2 volt cells will push more then 1.2 when full. You can almost series 4 cells then parallel it with other sets of 4 to get more current/runtime) is more easy to work with then the 12+ of most laptop batteries(Li-ion require special smart chargers or they can burst).
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