Will this graphics card fit my motherboard

I am looking to upgrade my graphics card to the MSI R7850 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127663) and was curious if it will work on my motherboard (http://secure.magicmicro.com/pmoreinfo.asp?iid=4195). I'm not too familiar with what works with what so please help me out.

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  1. Here is my Power Supply as well in case that makes a difference:
  2. The link for your motherboard takes me to a page with a Core i5 processor. Could you tell us what motherboard you have.
  3. Personally wouldnt feel comfortable running a 200 pound graphics card on such a cheap psu. Assuming it could even run the gpu properly that is.
  4. Opps sorry about the mobo link (http://www.magic-micro.com/pmoreinfo.asp?iid=4186) there we go.

    And on the power supply, I did some research myself and that power supply wont work because I need a PCI-E connector and mine does not (also 480W is not close to where I want it to be) so I will be getting a new one of those
  5. Sorry to bump but I just wanted to get an answer tonight. I am basically worried that the PCI Express 3.0 not working on my motherboard
  6. Your GPU should be fine with your mobo, but won't be very optimal. However, your PSU... HELLS NAH!! Upgrade that thing before you take your GPU into the same room with it!!
  7. Definitely upgrade your PSU and it's not just the wattage that matters. Something like the one below would be good for the new GPU. Also, PCIe 3.0 cards are backward compatible with older slots so that's not a problem.

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