Can i run latest games with my specs.

Can i run bf3 with my specs?

e5200 2.5ghz
2gb ram
Geforce GT 430 1GB

As i have seen on youtube GT430 1GB runs almost all latest games in high settings with a low resolution. Please tell me the truth i want to run latest games in medium to high in a low resolution.
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  1. Not really what is needed for gaming but on low resolution you probably will be OK.
  2. Hi kairikanzaki!

    You can actually run BF3 with those specs, but you might not enjoy the poor visuals and fps you are going to get.

    If you're really interested to play the latest games, why not upgrade your specs?
  3. I would start by upgrading your gpu to at least a 7750.
  4. yah i really want to upgrade my specs to support 3-5 years of gaming but the problem was i dont have enough money for that and it kill me like a hell while playing games. I just want to at least run latest games to medium with 1024x768 resolution in smooth. by the way thanks for comment.
  5. it will work but on very low res, maybe a little laggy in certain situations, but none the less, it'll all depends on the quality of the experience you're looking

    if you want it to look great and play smoothly, you will want to upgrade your hardware

    if you think you can still enjoy the game on very low res, then stick with your current hardware

    hope this helps {=^.^=}
  6. Thanks HoboCannibal, u make me feel better to buy GT 430, My monitor max resolution is only 1366x765 thats why all of the games i played is on low resolution and i prefered for it.
  7. I am not a hardcore gamer, I just want to run latest games in medium to high setting in a very low resolution is ok for me.
  8. no problem, here's what it'll pretty much look like

    looks fine to me ;)
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