Problem with USB Slots.

So all of a sudden I started having problems with the USB Slots on my computer. For some reason they seem to sometimes connect, and other times not connect. They will also disconnect intermittently disconnecting, and then reconnecting devices, etc.

I've noticed the biggest problem with my Microsoft Gaming Receiver for Windows. Sometimes it'll work properly, but other times, when I plug it in, it will come on, and go right off. Then other times it won't come on at all, and then sometimes it'll come on, but turn off, or disconnect/reconnect a while later.

I've not been able to pinpoint a time, as sometimes it takes a while (hours), while other times it takes almost no time (minutes), but it seems to be affecting all my USB ports. At least as far as I know, all my ports on the front.

I have four ports on the top of my computer, which are two USB 2.0, and two USB 3.0. I also have an additional 3.5" USB 3.0 Drive Bay installed, that gives an additional two ports. It's happening with all six of the ports, which leads me to believe it isn't necessarily a problem with the USB Ports themselves, since multiple different hubs are doing it, but perhaps a software problem, or some other problem within' my computer.

I have also noticed on occasion that my headset will disconnect sometimes, and reconnect, and my headset is connected to a back this could mean the onboard motherboard ports may be doing this as well.

Usually if it happens, I can fix it (temporarily) by unplugging the device for a little while (~5 minutes), and then plugging it back in. Usually this will allow the device to work again, but who knows for how long. However, if I try to unplug/replug the device, right after it happens (within' a minute), it usually just reconnects for a second, before disconnecting again.

It also seems like no other USB Peripherals can use the port after this problem has occurred either.

I have tested other things like thumb drives on it, which haven't caused the problem themselves yet, that I can recall, but if I try plugging them in, right after my Windows Gaming Receiver has failed, they will not connect. I need to wait a while before the USB Port will recognize anything again.

I've tried multiple things. Blowing air in the USB ports, and in the connections on the motherboard, to make sure they're clean. I've tried other simple suggestions such as turning my computer off, and disconnecting the main power cord for 5 minutes, which fixes the problem, but again, only temporarily until the device decides to disconnect again.

I can't recall it happening yet with anything but the Windows Gaming Receiver, however, I have tested the Gaming Receiver on two other computers, and haven't had a single problem with it yet. So I kind of ruled that out as the problem. What else could be causing this?

The best way I could think to describe it is as if the USB Port isn't supplying enough power to power the device. Or perhaps there is some sort of surge going through the USB port that causes the disconnect.

In any case, any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Originally I was going to just try and live with it, but it's really getting quite annoying.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. May have figured out the problem. It seems like when I wriggle the cord around on the Windows Wireless Adapter it seems to disconnect, while other devices don't seem to have this problem. I'm thinking now, maybe it's a short in the wire for the Windows Wireless Adapter, and perhaps I don't get it on my other computers because the cord is laying flat, while with this computer, it dangles, and causes the cord to bend.

    Could a short in the devices wire, cause different USB Ports to disconnect, and cause Windows not to accept new connections to the port that had the malfunctioning device in it, for a couple minutes?

    If so, I'm pretty sure that's the problem, and I may need to replace my Adapter.

    Anyway, I appreciate any helps. Thanks again!
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