Thinking about selling 560Ti

I have a MSI Twin frozr II OC 560Ti card that I am thinking of selling. How much do they go for around this time of year? I've had it maybe 10 months. Works great and graphics are awesome, playing all my games at Highest settings.

I have a Roswell challenger case and was wondering what Graphics card would I be able to upgrade to? Was thinking maybe 660Ti or a 670?

Don't know if it will fit? Also where should I put my card up for sale as I don't think I have the original box anymore for it and didn't want to just post it on ebay.
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  1. Ebay or Craigslist are about your only choices for selling it. As for what it would go for just check ebay for similar cards and what they sold for. I dont think you could get much more than $100 out of it if that.

    I don't think a 660 Ti would be a giant upgrade but a 670 would be. As for fitting if your power supply is sufficient I would think you would be fine.
  2. I might be interested in picking it up for 100 if you'd be interested at that price. PM me if that's something you might be interested in. I already have one of these but might be interested in putting them in sli if you're selling.
  3. I would guess around $100-$130
  4. I actually did find the original box. Nothing is wrong with my system I don't know how much of a performance I would get with a different card really.

    I'm also not sure if the 670 would even fit in the Roswell Challenger case. On some other board someone posted pictures of a 670 fitting in there but all the way to the end.

    Infangec, I'll check around for a bit and if I decide I want to sell it I'll pm you.

    If a newer card won't fit in the Roswell then I may as well wait until I want to upgrade some other parts before just getting another case.
  5. The Rosewill Challenger will hold any graphics card you want to use. In this review Tom's used a GTX 285.,2723-10.html

    The GTX 285 was a 10.5 inch card. The GTX 680 is only 10 inches.
  6. Ok that makes it a little easier so if I sell my card I can run on Integrated graphics until the new one comes in. The 680 would be nice but I don't feel like financing it through newegg so that would leave the 670 I guess. Or should I wait until the 660ti comes in?
  7. All kinds of GTX 660 Ti info here.

    Looks like it's going to be a great card but I'm not sure it would be a worthy upgrade to a GTX 560 Ti. The GTX 670 would be a nice step up though.

    I am thinking about buying one but I still have this 2 year old GTX 460 1GB. Actually I am pretty sure I am buying one.
  8. Yeh I think the 670 would be better. Do you know which model you are getting? I was thinking maybe EVGA the one that is 9.5 inches long. They all seem to vary in price by a little.

    I'll have to see what I can get for my 560ti right now. I can't wait until hitman absolution is out.
  9. My last 5 cards have been EVGA so I'm bit biased :whistle: But I will probably stick with them again.

    The recommendation is to get a card 3 tiers up on this list to see a real difference and I agree with that.,3107-7.html

    The 660 Ti will likely be in the same tier as the GTX 580.
  10. I read that and I agree too, good thing Tom's has all this wonderful information. Before I got my 560ti I had a 8800gt so the performance was definately visible for me.

    I bet prices will drop a little when the 660Ti is out. Should be out this week I believe. Looking at the current 560Ti I have, its still the same price I bought it for on newegg!
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