Will my old case fit the upgrade?

Hi all, my new upgrades parts are in my sig,
And I wanted to make sure I don't need a new case(I'm really tight on budget)

I know the 1st one in the pics(which is relatively newer, and smaller) has a Micro ATX(9.6") right now, andI wanna know if I can buy an ATX(12") motherboard.

here's a pic:
An older case I have(8 years...) that is bigger, maybe it will do?

Thanks, ZBBZ.
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  1. Hi mate none of the images are working ? Getting some errors.
  2. Edited, pics working now
  3. Forgot to post the build:
    CPU: i5 3470
    PSU: Dunno Yet
    M-Board: Gigabyte H77
    RAM: 2X4GB DDR 3 1600
    Graphics: Intel Graphics HD 2500
    Hard Drives: Western Digital: 1TB Black(WD1002FAEX), 500GB Green(WD5000AACS), 160GB(WD1600ADFD)
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
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