First Build, Power and Case Queries

i'm looking to build a gaming computer, the specs i'm looking into are
CPU - i5 3570k @ 4.4GHz
Motherboard - Asus Sabertooth Z77
CPU Fan - Arctic Cooling Freezer 13
RAM - Corsair Vengeance LP DDR3 1600MHz
GPU - Asus GeForce GTX660 TI-DC2OG-2GD5
PSU - Corsair TX750
HDD - Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ

I have not yet decided on a case, but i was looking at the Inwin Fanqua however im not sure the case is large enough or good enough for cooling.

What do you think of this build? Good Value?
Im also looking into get another 660TI further down the line after buying this computer, maybe 2 months. Which leads me onto my next question, is the power enough? And should i go with the SLI?

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  1. Mmm if you are going with a Second Gtx 660 Ti Sli in the Future then you should get a Full Tower. The Thor Series of Rosswell and the Xclio WindTunnel are great and have good value. But if you want quality i have never heard a Bad Word about the Coolermaster Haf Series Full Tower, The Antec or The Azza Cases.

    750w for a Gtx 660 ti sli and Overclocked I5 its Enough.
  2. brilliant thanks! ill check out some of those case
  3. the cases are all very expensive, could i get away with a decent mid tower instead but with good cooling, such as the antec 900?
  4. Whats the Budget you have for the case?
  5. How about these 3.

    Corsair good brand but a little expensive.

    NZXT one of the best brands i have tried, their tech support its amazing, they keep calling me every day for about 1 week about a defective power supply.

    and on the Cheap Side, Good Solid Rosewill
  6. well im from the UK and therefore can't buy from newegg but ill have a look at those, my budget is something around $100 in US Dollars which is around £80
  7. i really like the look of the corsair one! and around my budget at a stretch! will it be okay for sli though? sorry for all these questions, bit of a noob
  8. Decided on the Antec 1100
    full tower
    quite cheap
    good reviews
  9. Yeah Antec 1100 its perfect for your needs, Solid , lots of fans, and huge.

    here are some pics of the Antec 1100 using SLi. Remember to mark the thread as Solved if you have no further questions xD.
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