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upgrading current cpu today based on your awnsers. Looking at this would this fit nicely with what i already have? I also have an aftermarket luqid cooler 120cc attached and from my understanding thermal grease was used when it was applied? I've done everything to my pc but change cpu and coolers so thats why i am here for reassurance. i have 250$ to spend and it seemed for the price if has more to offer than an i5 3.4 ghz 4 core which cost's more. My cooler has 4 large screws built thru the cooler into the mobo how do i go about taking it carefully off and replacing the cpu, do i need thermal paste what are the steps. I am scared to mess up and i have alot of money invested in my current pc to do anything wrong so i please need an awnser before i purchase "today" thanks
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  1. if you change the cpu, you will need to clean off the thermal paste from the cooler, put a pea sized amount on the new cpu, and attach your cooler, tighten them down diagnally (kinda like the way you would tighten lug nugs, that sort of pattern) and it will evenly spread the thermal paste.....with thermal paste, less is more, if you accidently put more than a pea sized droplet on the cpu, wipe it off and reapply it.

    for 30 dollars more, you can go with this

    just make sure the socket type matches with your mobo

    the amd processor is 125 watts
    the intel i5 is 77 watts (ie: generates less heat and overclocks nicely)

    hope this helps.
  2. well in that case could i just stick with the heatsink that comes with the cpu and aviod the bs?
  3. to remove the heat sink (cooler) remove any fans from the unit (unplug them from the mobo first) take off the fans, unscrew the 4 screws being sure not to apply pressure to the cpu (u don't want to bend the pins)...remove the cooler and clean off the old thermal paste with 70% alcohol (let it all evaporate off for a few mins before reinstalling. life the lever on the side of the socket to release the cpu lock and lift it up, carefully remove the old cpu, carefully put the new cpu in, re secure it with the lock and then follow the steps i posted above.

    if you have issues, you can always ask us here on the forum.

    ps. if you go the intel route, you will be replacing your GA-870A-UD3 mobo
  4. +1 to hobos comment.
  5. yeah if you don't plan on overclocking, the stock cooler is fine, you may need to add thermal paste...odds are its not going to come pre applied, i suggest arctic silver 5, it will help keep the heat down from the amd processor (or any processor for that matter)
  6. thank you iceclock {=^.^=}
  7. no problem anytime h.c. ;)
  8. Damn, i didnt want to upgrade mobo well just dont have the money but the amd cpu would do just fine with my current mobo correct. I love this site/forum u guys are great
    also going with the amd cpu how much of a performance increase could i recieve over what i already have with current games. pretty much is it worth it or should i just wait and save a little more money
  9. sadly theres no cpu thats worth upgrading on ur current board.

    if you want a 8350 ur gonna have to buy a new board.

    whats your budget?
  10. To be honest no budget its the wife! LOL i junked my car got 250 for it i could squeeze 350-375 today
  11. its pretty significant, check out these bench marks

    as far as waiting and upgrading to go intel route check out these bench marks

    me personally, if i was already setup for amd, and was happy with everything and just wanted to upgrade the processor. i would stay amd. the AMD FX-8350 is still a great processor lol
  12. I only play games recently bought far cry 3 and was amazed that i couldent max the game so i put the blame on my cpu sounds fair right
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  14. before you buy, double check the board to make sure that manufacturer has a updated bios to support the FX cpu

    thats the only way am3+ processor will work in an am3 socket
  15. yar
  16. Now swapping all these parts including new mobo will start up and reconize new hardware and wont require a reformat correct?
  17. yes u will require to do a reinstall for optimal performance, id recommand a backup before you do so.
  18. GIGABYTE GA-870A-UD3 AM3 AMD 870 does not support am3+ processors, they didn't update the bios, so to go with either processor, you're definitely changing your mobo.

    and iceclock is absolutely right, you get those and you'll be set.
  19. yep :)
  20. I need more ram? thought 12 was excessive as it is
  21. says 1200megs of ram lol.
  22. 12 gigabytes would be excessive lol, i really doubt you're playing those games with 1200 mb of ram :P
  23. i have 2 sticks of ddr3 1600 ADATA 2 gb and 2 sticks ripjaws 4gb
  24. so you have 12 gigs, make sure your current ram is compatible with the new mobo, if its not than you need to get diff ram.

    @iceclock when i clicked the ram link i got the water cooling link.
  25. damn the money is accmulating fast!! LOL Originally this pc was an ibuypower purchase that i over paid for, and since i have upgraded the case powersupply gpu and ram all bymyself thanks to people like u on this site i appriciate this greatly guys
  26. look at my above post. fixed the links
  27. no problem, and in the future when it comes to buying a pc (especially when getting a computer for gaming), its way more cost effective to build it yourself. there are threads to help you build your own pc (i know cuz iceclock helped me with mine about a month ago)

    if you can swing the upgrades, than by all means upgrade, if you can't then stick with what you have until you can upgrade.

    its only $350 to upgrade which is not bad at all considering you were willing to spend 200 just on the processor alone. The upgrade WILL be worth it when you decide to make the investment ;)
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  29. anyways if you need more help. pm me :) cheers
  30. Thanks bro i learned alot from this thread
  31. anytime. if you need more help hit me up.
  32. i have a 600w powersupply a amd 6870 and will now after upgrades have phenom 2x6 and this mobo in closet do people buy these things used?
  33. yes. theres a buying and section section on toms hardware. also ebay works great
  34. i'm sure you can find someone who can use it....ebay them if ya have to, if not, then they'd make great hand me downs to someone {=^.^=}

    just make sure you don't damage anything when removing the old hardware and put them in static bags to protect them until you can relinquish yourself from 'em
  35. good point +1
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