First time building, reccomendations?

Budget is 500-700. I'm just making this for gaming (ARMA 2, BF2, and possibly ARMA 3 in the future) and maybe a little recording. I'm upgrading because my laptop has started playing games (well, Vindictus) with terribly low framerate.

This is what I've come up with so far

I've already got a mouse, keyboard, monitor and W7 though I might get a new monitor later, 1680x1050 being the biggest I'll probably go. I don't think I want to overclock and I don't care for sli/crossfire either.

Is the i5 worth it? Seems like it might help in the future with more games being quad core compatible or so I've heard. I was also thinking of upgrading to a 7850 if it's a big enough upgrade.
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  1. Well for once someone asks and actually posts a quite good build.
    As for the i5 I do think it's worth spending the money over the i3.
    As for memory you want it to be dual channel so make it 2 x 2 GB
    Lastly yes I would go for the 7850 (or a 7870 because they have one in stock for an amazing price) since it is a significant upgrade.
  2. The Samsung Spinpoint has a warranty that was reduced to a miserable one year. Look for at least a three year warranty; most of the WD Black drives still have a five year warranty.
    I'd get a dual-channel RAM kit (two sticks). While 2x2GB is still enough, getting 2x4GB may give you a little more future-resistance.
    I'd get an IB CPU like an i5-3470. It's a little faster, uses a little less power, and gives you PCIe3.0; not a big deal today, but again might offer a little bit of future-resistance.
  3. I think for now you should get i3 at higher clocks it is better than i5 you picked.

    Also memory these are 2x4GB and cost $29 after rebate

    H77? never get that cheap on MB
    This one is OK. Only $99.

    As for the video
    get used 6950 for $160 on ebay ...performance somewhere between 7870 and 7950
    you can't beat that for 160
  4. That motherboard is fine. Guess what... you can go cheaper on those if you don't have a huge budget and it's a good brand. Secondly the 6950 is worse than a 7870. Although that is a good price but I don't like the brand of the cheaper one so if he does get one make it the Sapphire. Don't get an i3 but do get a ivy bridge i5 if you can.
  5. Ok, I took some advice and updated a bit. Any more recommendations?
  6. Just one thing. You can get a better 7850 for the same price.
  7. You can upgrade memories from 4 to 8GB for $10 more
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