Please recommend psu

Hi friends! Please Recommend a Power Supply for my pc. The specs are as below.

Motherboard: Asus p8B75
Processor : Intel i5 3330
RAM : Kingston 4GB (1600) Single module
Graphics : Sapphire HD 7750
Hard Drive : Seagate 500GB 3.5" SATA HARD DRIVE 16MB CACHE
PSU : ?
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  1. Budget/currency ?
    But for that, a decent psu within 400-450W will do, check out for the Corsair CX430, antec neo eco 400 or xfx 450 core edition.
  2. Hi Friend. Thanks for your suggestion. Used power supplies are cheaper and new ones are expensive. Can I have a used one. will it not harm my pc.
  3. I rather get a new one with warranty.
  4. also I will attach one DVD Rom permanently and oftenly one more hard drive for data transfer.
  5. Yes, a quality psu within 400-450W will do, even with three hdd plus dvd drive,etc.
  6. Your recommendation is good but that is not available in my area. which one from these two is better.

    Cooler Master Thunder 450 WATT POWER SUPPLY

    Cooler Master Extreme II 525 WATT POWER SUPPLY
  7. I wouldn't get a cooler master psu, what's the site or country ?
  8. I am from pakistan , friend. atcualy that is our local site.

  9. I am very sorry to bother u. Actualy I have no experience of purchasing from or newegg
  10. The cheapest psus on that website are all bad, there ain't no other website ?
    But if you can't buy other psus, get the cm 525, it will do, but it's not a good psu.
  11. honestly all of those are bad powersupplies as he said. the only one that are worth anything are the
    Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 600 WATT POWER SUPPLY

    and thats prob out of ur budget.

    we would need a better website to help u
  12. Than please tell me the other site from where i can get good psu. Thanks for the help, friends.
  13. whats your maximum budget in your currency.
  14. mufarooq said:
    Than please tell me the other site from where i can get good psu. Thanks for the help, friends.

    This one will do, and it's a decent psu :
  15. You solve my problem friend. Love U.
  16. good find dj +1
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