Picking 560 ti

Well here is the list of the ones i could choose, Which one would do best with 600 watts and an i5 2500k. Im never going to sli so thats not important to me, Also just a quick question, can you run a sli graphics card ona crossfire capable board.

Theres the list nothing over 250 with rebates please.
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  1. Um, my question is why you would be buying a GTX 560 ti right before the GTX 660 ti comes out and while AMD's Radeon HD 7850 is closely priced and much more powerful then the GTX 560 Ti.
  2. Wait a second the 7850 is better then the gtx 560 ti ._.
  3. 17seconds said:

    The GTX 570 is a very good choice for you. It edges out the HD 7850 in most benchmarks.
  4. I see, is there a good diffrence between he super clocked evga and the regular? What about the zotac?
  5. The Superclocked GTX 570 has faster clock speeds then the the regular GTX 570, but if you're planning on overclocking it's not a big deal. That said, if you want to OC, the performance bump of the Superclocked Edition is nice.

    There's nothing wrong, per say, with ZOTAC, but EVGA is the best manufacturer of nVidia cards in my opinion. I would stick with EVGA.
  6. What about the xfx 2gb 7870?
  7. iliketrains said:
    What about the xfx 2gb 7870?

    If you're upping your budget for a 7870, you might as well wait a few days until after the GTX 660 Ti comes out for comparison.
  8. Wait 48 hours until GTX 660 Ti launches. It will make many cards much cheaper.
  9. But how long will it take for the price drop to take effect.
  10. The prices should start to drop in the next week or so.
  11. That is a while, how much of a drop are we talking about on the 7870.
  12. iliketrains said:
    That is a while, how much of a drop are we talking about on the 7870.

    although i don't expect any immediate price drops, if the 660ti is near 320, the 7870 will take probably a 10-20 cut in my opinion. But who knows, all the prices have generally been rumors.
  13. Well, will the 660 non ti be any cheaper or better then the 7870
  14. iliketrains said:
    Well, will the 660 non ti be any cheaper or better then the 7870

    the 660 non ti will use GK 106 making it an entirely different card compared to the 660ti/670/680/690 are so performance wont be as linear probably. If wcctech's info on 660 normal is right It will be more in line somewhere around a 7850/7870ish (finally a higher end 1 6 pin nvidia card) with pricing lower than the 7850ish(so expect the card closer to the 7850 entirely). If I were to make a educated guess on the 660 normal, It will outperform the 7850 probably, except in SLI vs crossfire, as the 192 bit memory bus has already shown slight chokes in heavy games when anti-aliasing is on. but regardless will probably be a fine card for the price.
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