Nvidia control panel, start up issues

im running 3 gtx 670 FTW in sli, with a 1 over 3 monitor set up. everytime my computer sleeps or i restart it shuts off my two outboard monitors and only the middle two work. all drivers are up to date, it used to work fine, any ideas?

how it looks with no sli

By gumby6288 at 2012-08-12

with sli

By gumby6288 at 2012-08-12

after sleep/restart

By gumby6288 at 2012-08-12
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  1. not sure if this is a card issue or maybe when i set it all up again i did it wrong... all runs fine until i shut it down or restart, and once its back on it disables the SLI. i did a full restore after posting last night from reinstalling windows 7 to formatting all hdd and ssd's. updated to the 304.79 drivers, restarted and it still disabled SLI
  2. also updated UEFI bios to the current version, what am i missing?
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