What is best Processor and Graphics Carp to play BF3?

I really need some help, I am upgrading my computer soon and i want to know what the best Graphics card and Processor would be for my PC to play BF3. I would like to say with AMD because a lot of my stuff is already AMD. And i am trying to keep this under like $300. Thanks.
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  1. What socket does your mobo have? Then we can pick a CPU for you. Anyway, I think it will be hard to get something descent for BF3 for under 300$, you should be spending that much on the GPU only!
  2. For $300 you could get a Radeon HD 7870 or when it comes out, a GTX 660 Ti, you'd be hard pressed to find both a CPU and GPU for $300 to play BF3 well.
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