Internet speed falls drastically after 5 minutes

Hi all,

I just got my Encore USB wireless N150 adapter hooked up to my new build, and I'm running a Netgear Wireless G router in the next room. The internet speeds are great when I run a speedtest at first, but about 5 minutes in, I barely get 1 mb/s. If I unplug and plug the USB adapter in, the internet speeds are fine for another 5 minutes. Anyone have any suggestions? New router maybe?

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  1. If that's five minutes of continuous use, it probably isn't down to the USB Port losing power because of energy saving settings but it's worth checking in Device Manager.

    Let's have a look at what's gong on in there - go to and download the Xirrus Wi-fi inspector and post the report back here.

  2. What results should I post? The speeds seem to be normal at the moment and the ping test reported as an A. All of the connections in the connection test passed.

    So the results now are fine, but I'm sure they will change in a bit..will report back..
  3. Ok, so the speeds are down from 18 mbps to 1.5 mbps. The tests in Xirrus looked the same except for the speed test which is down to 1.5 mbps. This problem is resolved if I unplug and plug back in my usb adapter.


    Edit: Just learned that the problem is temporarily resolved when i reset my ROUTER also. Could it be these usb adapter and the router aren't agreeing?

  4. It may just be a channel mismatch - the router might be bouncing around broadcasting on different channels while the adapter is stuck on a specific one.

    Try putting them both on whichever the adapter is on, as we know a high speed is possible so that's probably off the suspects list.

  5. How can I change the channel on my adapter?

  6. Most that I've worked on have an entry in the Properties and you get there (in XP anyway) in View Wireless Networks>Advanced Settings and the Configure button next to Connect Using then the Advanced tab. I know some Atheros adapters don't offer the choice of channel changing but may others do.

  7. Thank you for the help. Things seem to be working fine after a few tweaks.
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