Buy a 7850 now, or wait?

Hey guys.

I've found a HD 7850 that is factory OCed to 900mhz in a brick and mortar store for $210 dollars. Seems like a really good deal so I'm seriously considering. However, I have been waiting for the 660ti to drop and see how it affected prices.

So my question is, should I buy the 7850 now for $210 or wait and see if the 660ti forces 7850/7870 prices down?
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  1. it all depends on how the gtx660 ti would be priced. If it gets priced in the $220-$250 zone. Then that might drag even a hd7870 to the $200 zone. But this would take time at least 1month or 2. So if you don't have any problems waiting- then you may consider waiting. Otherwise, get the hd7850 now since its fairly a good deal. What manufacturer are you planning to buy from?
  2. Well I've heard that the 660ti is going to be around the $300 mark or higher (at least at launch), but that might still force the 7870 down to the $250 range or less after a couple months. I've been waiting for awhile now, but I'm starting to get the itch for some eye candy real bad haha.

    And the sale is for the newest Sapphire OCed model 7850. 920mhz core and 1250mhz memory out of the box.

    Anyone else have opinions? I'm tearing myself to pieces trying to decide since the $210 is a sale price that could go up or sellout any day now.
  3. the sapphire is a good model. it goes for $265 at where I live.
  4. Okay, I might just grab it then. Getting tired of waiting, but it'd be a shame if 7850s go sub 200 after the 660ti drop. Especially If I gave in now after waiting for it to drop for at least two months haha.

    Anybody else know what they would do in my shoes?
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    Don't wait, the Nvidia GTX 660ti will have probably a minimum price of $299. If you really want to spend that much, then you should wait and see if the radeon hd 7950 drops in price because it beats out the gtx 660ti with its better memory bus and overclocking ability.
  6. I just paid 240 for an IceQ HIS model. 210$ is a great price. Look back at the 6000 series, they never dropped the price even when competition came out.
  7. I would personally not go lower than a 7870 as some newer games will need the grunt over the next year if you jack up the settings.
  8. The 7850 is a great card, and $210 is a great price. I'd buy it now before it sells out or jumps in price; I don't know that 7870/7950 prices will be affected too hugely by the 660ti.
  9. Okay, I think I'm going to go for it since the 7850 will probably not be sub 200 anytime this year aside from maybe a black friday sale. I can live with paying 10 dollars more for a couple months of use. Thanks for the advice guys!

    And my monitor is only 1600x900 so I think the 7850 would max everything out right now for me, and probably stay ultra/high for a couple years.
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