PSU problems. HD 7750 G850

Dear community,

I got an hd 7750

And a g850 setup

Powered by a 450w antec certified psu

this build should be using =~ 220w

Anywho when i boot WITHOUT RAM

I get an error for wrongly seated GPU or power whatever. I get no boot Well i do but it lasts 14 seconds and then shuts down rinse repeat.

IF I REMOVE the gpu its fine. As i said i dont have my RAM yet, but that apparently isnt the problem

Now there is a switch on the back of my PSU it has 110 and 230 what is this. I have sufficient PSU power why am i shutting down....

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  1. UPDATE: If i put it on 430 no error message, the fan on the gpu begins to spin. then stops. If i have it on 110 the gpu fan runs, and then the computer only stays on for 14 seconds. Also read light on the front of the case. And by error message i mean fast rapid repeating beeps until it shuts down
  2. You should probably wait for the RAM.......
  3. Ok but you dont think its wierd it doesnt shut off w/o the gpu?
  4. why on earth are you running it without ram?
  5. I was checking to see if the mobo was dead or not, the particular mobo had been having bad reviews since I bought it. Its beeping so its not dead.

    Anywho so ill come back when i get the RAM. Sorry for bugging you guys.

    P.S. im not selecting best answer yet any other comments ARE appreciated.]
    also can someone tell me what the 110 and 230 switch means. THANKS :Bounce:
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    Well, the motherboard needs the ram to operate, and without it weird stuff happens.
  7. Godbless demo :) Best answer is yours :)
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  9. 110 and 230 are voltage input. change switch depending on what country you are in.
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