Would I benefit from a soundcard?

Hey there!

I was wondering, if I would benefit from a soundcard. I'm currently just using the onboard audio on my Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H (VIA VT2021 codec).
Headset I use for gaming: Steelseries Siberia V2 (non-USB) (http://steelseries.com/products/audio/steelseries-siberia-v2).
Speakers I use for music listening (might upgrade soon, please come with some suggestions): Edifier M3300 (http://www.edifier.com/eng2005/product/s0050_01.htm).
If I would benefit from a soundcard, then please list some different cards in different price ranges.



The rest of my specs are just beneath.
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  1. yes you would benefit as ur headphones arent usb and can use ur soundcards capabilties. if you want better sounding games. movies. music add-on card is the way to go.

    whats ur budget?
  2. Well, if you could just list some cards in different price ranges, that would be great.
    I live in Denmark, so everything is a whole lot more expensive here...
  3. i need a budget. in euros
  4. Max. 100-150 euros
  5. Sites I can buy from:

    Google Translate FTW :P
  6. Hah with that budget, you can pretty much buy the best sound card. You will get better sound, but most people don't think its worth it to get a dedicated card as integrated sound cards are pretty good nowadays.
  7. I said "Max. 100-150 euros". I would rather buy something around 50 euro.
  8. BUMP! Help me guys!
  9. first u cant bump the thread and heres the card u should get.


    30 euros and does the job quite good
  10. Well, I just felt like saying something...

  11. no problem anytime :) u dont need to spend alot of money to get quality cheers.
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