ThinkPad R40 not charging battery (2723)

I have an IBM R40 ThinkPad which simply stopped charging the battery. I presumed the battery was worn out and just bought another battery yesterday.
Followed instructions for charging the new battery (charge for 4 hours, then discharge completely for 5-6 cycles) but after 12 hours, the battery would only support the thel laptop for a couple of minutes. Tried to charge the battery again but no charge in battery.
Any suggestions about what the problem is.?????
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  1. Well if it's not the battery then I would imagine it is the power supply...I would try getting a new one and trying that.
  2. if the r40 is the same as the t40/t41/t42/t43

    the yellow charging port has a copper connector inside it

    over time with use the copper connector gets pushed in and loses it flexibility so doesnt come out far enough to make contact

    to test if this is the problem get a small piece of cardboard or fold paper

    put it in the charging port

    then put the charger in

    and no i am not winding you up and no it wont go on fire or anything

    the bit of card/paper is just enough to move the pin on your charger over the tiny bit it needs to contact the bit of copper i

    mentioned earlier

    if it charges like that then the charge port is the problem--if not as suggested try a new charger--cheap on ebay even for original ibm ones

    if the yellow port bit of copper is the issue--you can either try to hook it with a small bit of metal with a bend on the end and pull it out a bit

    or replace the charging socket--they arent soldered on those ibms
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