Second optical drive?

Looking for info on what would be the best optical drive to pair with a Plextor 24/10/40 drive in my new system. I want to stay away from SCSI for cost reasons.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Are you looking for anything in particular? DVD capabilities?

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  2. Honestly I don't know if I want a DVD drive in my computer or not...not that I have anything against the possibility, just don't know if I'll ever use it as such. I view my DVD movies on a regular TV using my home DVD player.

    Any input as to uses I may be overlooking is greatly appreciated! :)
  3. Wait a bit and get the Afreey 25xDVD/100xCD- it'll be about $200.

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  4. You make a valid point in that you're not sure if you'd want one or not. Right now, there isn't much software at all on DVD, so the primary use is still for movies.

    I'm not sure if you'd be looking forward to a $200 drive, when you don't know if you'd want the DVD capabilites.

    There are some drives on the market (e.g. AOpen) that offer DVD capabilities at the price of a good CDROM.

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  5. I have the plex and the ltd-163. Right now the ltd-163 is the best DVD drive and only costs $48. you can read about it at . Afreey's new drive might be better, but $200 will be way to much for what you want I think. The toshiba Sd-m1612 may also be good, but it has its rip speed locked in the firmware. The reason you may want to consider the sd-m1612 is because they say it can read dvd-r and dvd-rws. I have no idea if other dvd drives can do that.
  6. Cool, thanks for the links. Yea, I'm really not interested in spending another $200 for a second drive, the Plextor is pricey enough, looking for a good-quality drive that I can use as the source drive for MP3 ripping primarily, and to make backup copies of my proggies.

    Honestly I'm reconsidering my choice of a primary optical much as I would like to have the Plex 24/10/40, I'm wondering if the 16/10/40 or even a TDK wouldn't be as good. At the rate I'm going I'm not going to stay under $2k for the system, not including monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, all of which I guess I'll have to re-use from my current setup :(
  7. NOTE: dvdrom dirve are also for data as well, with information getting larger the amount of cds increase take for example a "Encarta encyclopida set on dvd's is one dvd and for cds' it is 6or7 cant remember. But if you are going to stay with cdrom's do not get a highspeed stay around 48x, go to libary and find a consumereports guid to computer parts.
  8. Why not highspeed? I've got a 52x right now, and it's great.

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  9. I'll consider buying your Plex 24/10/40a if it has TLA #0000, but I'd only pay $170 and you'd have to tell me very soon, because I'd have to cancel another order goin through right now.
  10. I would go with a 16X DVD. Future proof for the nex several years. These are the fastest DVD drives available right now and are real chaep. www.pricewatch is a great sight where computer parts sellers pay to advertise their lowest price. $42 + $12 ship is the cheapest $48 + $13 ship for a retail boxed one with cables and manual. You are building your own computer? Mabey pricewatch can help you stay in your price range..

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