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First of all, thank you for your time. I appreciate you viewing my post.

I just built a new PC just about a week ago. Everything seemed fine the first day. I installed all drivers, programs, games that I needed and I thought I was good to go.

The second day, I turn my PC on from sleep and all of the sudden my computer seems to have frozen. However, not quite frozen. I could move my mouse but if I had a window or menu open I wouldn't be able to do anything with it. This would last anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two.

If I try to reboot, the shutdown and load up processes would take longer than usual from under 15seconds each to closer to a minute, even more.

Any thoughts and feedback would be great. I'll try and provide any/all information that I can. Just let me know how I could access and post it here.

Thanks, again!
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  1. I'd first check the device manager if there are any drivers you are still missing.

    However do you know if you had a powercut? I know this might sound strange but I've had similar problems with my other box where the system would be utterly slow after a power outtage. Since sleep saves critical safes into the ram (when the power goes out, there goes that information), you could try to use hibernate instead of sleep.
  2. What are all your system specifications?
  3. Here's my parts list from pc part picker:
    Windows 7 64

    I'm changed the ram speed from 1066 to 1333 through BIOS. I know the voltage on the ram is 1.5v but in the BIOS it read 1.533v or something, so I wasn't sure if I needed to change that. Could the problem be with the mobo at all?

    Also, what's a powercut? I know the lights in the hallway right outside my room flickers here and there from time to time. Could that have anything to do with it?
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