Why is my gpu so loud and framerates so horrible

So I've been upgrading my pc over the years and recently had a few major changes. I added a 'new' GPU, Memory and Motherboard.

My system specs are:

Case: Cooler Master 690 ii advanced
Mobo: Asus Sabertooth 990fx am3+
CPU: AMD 965 Black Edition (3.4ghz) + Noctua nh-d14 cooler
Ram: 8G Kingston HyperX @1600mhz
PSU: Thermaltake TR2 600w
GPU: MSI 560 ti Hawk
HDD: 120g OCZ Vertex 3 + WD 1 TB 7200 rpm (storage)
OS: Windows 7 x64(on ssd)
Display: LG 24" Monitor (1920x)

Anyways, My question is how come my computer does no perform to my expectations? Is there some sort of major bottleneck I am missing? When I play GW2, SWTOR or any other game the frame rates are in the 30s-40s generally and If i ramp up my settings it dips even further. My gpu is also in the 80C range underload and sounds like a jet engine with the fans around 75%

Could It be unsufficient power from the PSU to the GPU? CPU limiting the system? I am very disappointed and would like some feedback before I go purchase a new GPU / PSU combo. Or could it just be a lack of memory on my GPU at my native resolution of 1920x?

p.s. Looking at a 7970 but unsure which PSU to pair with it. Would this fix my issues?

Thanks again.
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  1. Don't upgrade to a 7970.
    Your CPU will bottleneck it.
  2. could be your cpu try overclocking it a bit and see if u can see any deffernts but a 560 ti hawk should do the job overclock it to with msi after burner see if u can tell any deffernts in your framerates after u do that
  3. I have my CPU running at 4.2ghz right now but no changes at all.

    So in order to go to a next generation card I would have to upgrade to an amd8150+ CPU?

    Is there any possibility that its bad power from the PSU or is the videocard just garbage?
  4. Thermaltake, don't make the best PSU's, if anything I would steer clear of them in the future completely. Moving on, the 8150 in my opinion isn't a worthwhile upgrade, from what I have heard its a complete ripoff. I'd recommend the new Trinity APU's, but since its a new socket, meaning you have to buy a new motherboard, unless you have infinite monies, then I wouldn't go there :).

    Since its a Nvidia card, you can see how much video ram is being used in GPU-Z, I'd recommend to look into that when you play your games, and see if your Video Ram is the culprit.

    Since you have a DH-14, you can really oc your CPU nicely, as its the equivalent of alot of water coolers. Imo DH-14 > H80. Another thing to go on is to see your CPU usage. If its running at 100%, while your GPU sits in the 60% zone, most likely its a bottleneck.

    The Temps I just can't explain, might just be a bad card. see if you can RMA it if my previous tips didn't help.
  5. It could be a PSU issue, but it sounds more like the card is boned to me. How long ago did you get it?

    If you have had it for a while you might take some compressed air to the shroud and see if it is dusty. If it is relatively new, I would say RMA it and try again. A 560ti should have no issues running SWTOR and GW2.

    Alternatively, your PSU may be causing the issues. If you buy a new PSU, it does nothing but benefit your system overall anyway, so its not a bad idea to try to replace it first.
  6. Its always nice to get a new PSU, however Bolivious it won't reduce temps or fan speed, if it wasn't enough power, it would do the complete opposite.. The card wouldn't have enough power to run and would actually just shut down the entire computer to avoid further damage.
  7. I'm not saying its not enough power, it may be feeding too much power to the GPU and causing issues. Not having clean, steady power can cause all kinds of gnarly issues. Although, like I said, I would rule out the GPU first.
  8. I doubt it would do that, those 6 pin cables have a maximum TDP.
  9. However it might not be clean power, so I agree with you to an extent
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