Looking up upgrade CPU for Bf3

I'm looking in buying an Intel Pentium 4 3.80 GHz and got an E5300 2.6ghz would there be a big notice in game while playing? With my GPU i should be playing on high to ulta setting but i'm stuck at Low and 15 fps to 10 Gpu is MSI 7770 Ghz edition.
If you can find a better CPU for me go ahead if it's 30$ more thats my limit. Socket is LGA 775.
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  1. Your GPU is pretty good. It is capable of playing BF3 on high (1080p) but neither of those CPU's will utilise its full potencial... :/ I would seriously think in buying a Z77 platform with a i3-3220
  2. Could upgrade, or post ur motherboard and see if the chipset takes a core 2 quad. Or else ur stuck with a dual core, unless u upgrade ur system
  3. Would the Intel Pentium 4 3.80 GHz be able to play Bf3 a noticeable difference though? :/
  4. MCP73VT-PM is my mobo
  5. Nope. BF3 won't even load up with a single core processor.

    Keep saving until you have enough for a Z77 board and an i3 like AirSKiller pointed out.

    Also, that GPU will be able to do med(maybe some high) for BF3 at 1080p, not ultra though.
  6. ull need a good quadcore processor to run bf3 on decent clips.

    whats ur budget?
  7. You have an E5300 and you plan to move to a pentium 4? If so, don't. That's a downgrade.

    Your motherboard only supports up to Core 2 duo, so at best you could only get a faster dual core, which won't be enough.

    You need a new platform to play it.
  8. you need a new board+ram+cpu sad to say
  9. A P4 HT might run BF3(2 threads), but it is most definitely a downgrade from pentium e5300. Back when core 2 launched, the slowest sub 200 dollar e6300 at 1.86ghz was about as fast as the previous 1000 dollar pentium extreme edition 965 hyperthreaded dual core at 3.73ghz. The main things that made core 2 so much faster were 1. a shorter pipeline(less than half the stages of prescott/smithfield and cedar mill/pressler for better instruction efficiency), 2. wider core(4 way super scaler versus the previous 3 way setup), 3. more L1 cache(P4 L1 cache was lacking, but core 2 was about as much as intel has ever had in a chip), 4. Large shared L2 cache(versus smaller L2 cache per core) and 5. built with dual core in mind from the start(cores can talk directly to each other now without having to go out to the chipset and back like before). Yes, P4 had math units that operated at twice the clock speed of everything else on the chip(not sure if fp, int or both), but it seems core 2 far exceeded intel's expectations and doubled ipc(insructions per clock) performance versus the then outgoing P4. The P4 you speak of at 3.8(has to have HT at that speed) is about half the speed of a core 2 e4300 at 1.8ghz. Your e5300 is basically the same as a e4300, except it runs 800mhz faster(ie the better part of a ghz). It may well be a cpu bottleneck to your current graphics card, though. You might be able to find a faster dual core on ebay or something(like a e8400 or e8600), but a quad core would be better. However, it seems as though your mobo doesn't support quad core processors.
  10. iceclock said:
    you need a new board+ram+cpu sad to say

    Op would probably need a new copy of windows as well(guessing its oem and tied to the original mobo).
  11. u can reuse the same windows key. if u have the cd
  12. You need to get a new platform m8 except the GPU everything else is outdated. Get a cheap b75 board with an i3 3220 and 4-8gigs of ram and that should do the job.

    It won't cost too much either and you can easily do it in under $220 bucks.
  13. depends whats his goals are with the upgrade and his budget.
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