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Buying new Speakers , Sound Card... Request Help!

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October 13, 2001 7:58:08 PM

I want to buy a new soundcard to replace my SB Live! Value ... im looking to compile a sound system that i can listen to on my computer, and connect it to my TV for future surrond sound DVD viewing

I am thinking about buying the new Audigy card and i want to buy the new Logitech Z-560's . the problem is i wouldnt have the 5th channel. In the future i want to my computer into my room with my TV so i want the speakers to be compatible for both uses...

what do you recommend i do so that i can have good sound on my PC for mp3's and some games, and be able to watch dvds in surround sound down the road

Thanks for your Help !

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October 15, 2001 7:07:42 PM

How much $ are you looking to spend? What's the rest of your system? Are you just going to do games, MP3s and connect it to your TV? Is this a permanent solution or temporary?

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October 15, 2001 7:40:34 PM

i would like to spend maybe 200-250$ American on the speakers... and like 100$ on the sound card...
i have a p3450 128 ram tnt2 system (outdated, oh well)

i want to use it for my mp3z and the odd game (dont play that many games) and i want to down the road possibly use it as a surround sound system if i could hook it up to my TV (Espcecially if i move away for university next year)
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October 15, 2001 8:14:10 PM

Klipsch speakers = nummies.

Promedia 2.1 = 200$ one 6.5in sub
Promedia 4.1 = 300$ two 6.5in subs
Promedia 5.1 = 400$ two 8in subs

nummy speakers

All are THX certified.

If you haven't read Vurt then you should.
October 15, 2001 9:06:31 PM

You should go to a benchmarking site to make sure all the testing is done with out bias opion, try
October 15, 2001 10:29:23 PM

First off, I recommend <A HREF="" target="_new">Newegg</A> for all your computer toy needs. I've only dealt with them a couple of times, but the prices are great, and the customer service is better than any place I've ever shopped at.

For your sound card, I'd recommend either a Creative Labs Live/Audigy Platinum or a Hercules Game Theatre XP. If you're hooking it up to your TV, you'll want the extra connectors.

Live Platinum OEM - $75
Live Platinum Retail - $140
Audigy Platinum OEM - N/A
Audigy Platinum Retail - $158
Game Theater XP OEM - $99
Game Theater XP Retail - $120

For speakers, I recommend Creative's surround sound setups. Good price/"performance" ratio.

DTT3500 5.1 - $227
DTT2500 5.1 - $185
FPS2000 4.1 - $109

Don't get me wrong, Klipsch and JBL/Harmon Kardon make the best PC speakers. But $300 for 4.1 surround is a bit much.

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October 16, 2001 2:12:42 PM

what about the new Logitech Z-560 speakers that are supposed to rival the ProMedia 4.1's ...... for 199$US ?

is there any way to just add a decent centre channel to a good 4.1 system so i could use it for surround sound on my TV down the road?

im gonna buy the Audigy MP3 Value (it will be free, im building a pC for my mothers friend, i told her she can have my SB LIVE VALUE cause she doesnt need anything better)

thanks for the help.
October 19, 2001 4:43:46 AM

If you want the full experience, and good speakers, I would keep the Soundblaster live, buy a <A HREF="" target="_new">Hoontech SB DB III</A> and then invest in a Dolby Digital Receiver. Then buy a decent set of speakers when you have the money (or ask for speakers for your B-day) All in all, you will have more flexibility, and much better sound than any computer speaker in the market. Here is my setup, with a link to the prices on the internet.

Hoontech SB DB III: $42
Teac AG-D9320 Dobly Digital/DTS Receiver $350

Bose 141's, (2) JBL 500 (1) and 2 sony surrounds. All for about $150.

Then the cables to go with it, $150-200 ( I know the cables cost just as much as the hardware, but good quality cables will make or brake this system (I use Monstercables)

All of this can be found far a price of $700. I know that is a lot to buy all at once but the majic of the system it that you can start off with stereo, and then work your way up as time goes buy. By the time you want to have a DVD player, you should have a nice home theater like attmosphere to enjoy it in.

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