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I am using an Acer Aspire One 522 netbook and the problem I have is that the wireless is recognizing newtorks - including my home network, but not connecting to them. I am still able to connect via ethernet cable. This is a new problem, about 2 days old.

Fixes I have tried are:
- downloading current Atheros and Broadcom drivers,
- confirming in device manager that both drivers are current verions and listed as "working"
- in device manager truning off the power saver function that allows the computer to disable functionality on both the Broadcom and Atheros drivers

I am trying to determine if there is anything else that I can try, or if this may be a hardware issue. I don't want to bring it in if I don't have to. It's my only computer, I telecommute and ony have wireless at home, so this is a bit of a challenge.

Please and thank you.
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    Disable the wireless in 'Device Manager' then shut down and restart the computer.
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