Would this PC + GeForce GTX 560 work?

Ok so here is a little backstory:

Right now I am using a laptop and I am looking to get a new Desktop PC to be able to run lot's of my audio editing and producing software and application's such as photoshop and sony vegas AND games that I will be buying for it such as Guild Wars 2 and future releases.

I have been trying to do the best research possible so I can walk into Tiger Direct knowing exactly what I want, and I found a pretty good (well I think is, but im no pro) bundle for a PC. I also found a video card, the Galaxy GeForce GTX 560 Video Card and needed some opinions on the bundle and the card combined.

Any input is appreciated, just wanting to know if these two go together and will be able to run games at high or even better, ultra settings and programs smoothly.

Thanks in advance!

Link to PC:

Link to Video Card:
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  1. The 560 would work with that barebones kit, but I would strongly recommend getting a different power supply than the one supplied in the kit. Diablotek power supplies are awful, and you do run the risk of blowing it out, damaging other components if you try running it with a video card like the 560.

    Try pricing the components individually, and see how they are priced, and get a better quality power supply. Tigerdirect.ca doesn't have a huge selection of high quality power supplies unfortunately. Good brands include Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, and XFX. A 500 to 550 Watt power supply from one of these manufacturers would be sufficient for any system with a single graphics card.

    The GTX 560 will run just about any game on high at 1080p. It is not strong enough to run extremely demanding games on ultra at 1080p resolution. You won't max out Crysis 2, Battlefield 3, Metro 2033, or Witcher 2 with that card. It will run any MMO quite well, so performance will be good in Guild Wars 2.
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