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Can i get this graphics card!?

System model: XPS 8300
Processor Intel (R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.4ghz ( 8CPUs)~ 3.4ghz
Ram: 12GBs
Harddrive: 1TB
450 watt psu (im going to change it :sol:)

Would i be able to upgrade my current video card (radeon 6450) for an nvidia gtx 670? Thanks in advance!
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    Yes! But you need to get a new PSU. I would suggest 650W+. Corsair TX650 is good. I would just go for the jump to TX750 so that you could SLI later :D.
  2. short answer: yes!

    with a quality 500 watt PSU with two 6 -pin pci power connectors; like an antec, corsair, seasonic or xfx.
  3. you're gonna need a PSU upgrade first. 500-600W will suffice.

    i assume this is a pre-built? if so, double check if your case has enough room for the 670.
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