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Let me first off say that I do NOT know about networking. I just know how to plug things in and use trial and error. So when you read this post please do not assume that I do know everything. And also; please no smart-Alec answers.

Issue: Dial up modem connected to router disconnects often when using a online form or something to submit such as a username and password--such as even THIS FORUM when logging in or logging in to AOL MAIL(old Netscape accounts too). When this dial up modem is just connected to the web itself for just browsing and not submitting any forms, the dial up modem can stay connected for hours like it normally does as if it was connected to the com port on the motherboard.

Illustration in past tense: I logged into AOL mail (old Netscape account) and wrote my username and password, 30 seconds later, modem disconnects ad looses connection. Try again and again: same thing. If you were just manually dial and leave it on the settings page for the d-link router, and hit dial, then it could say connected for hours. I wanted to write this post to get help. I hit sign in, it gave me the green checkmarks, a minute later, disconnects. And unlike AOL mail, it won't eventually log you in. Please notice YAHOO MAIL does NOT have any issues with my router, I can log in and out all the time. It is forums, such as this, and AOL Mail that makes the router want to disconnect. No these websites are not blacklisted.

The annoying issue: why should I have to hang up my dial up modem and disconnect it from the router and then connect it to the com port on the computer motherboard just to log in to places that require submission forms.

The Router Product: D-LINK 808HV. If you know alot about this product, or even own one, and can help me with my issue, i would appreciate it.

The full connection: D-link 808HV connected to wireless Airlink 11ag AP. This hookup up DOES broadcast to the IPOD TOUCH by dialup. So that is NOT the issue. The issue is the connectivity with the regular computer when submitting forms, such as logging on to mail servers and forums. And yes, after trying to log in to this website I gave up, disconnected the dialup modem from the router and hooked it up to the com port on my computer just so that I could POST this message. Very annoying.

Actually, let's forget that I mentioned my Airlink wi-fi connection. Let us just deal with the d-link. And yes, no matter if you have the other wireless Airlink connected or not connected, the D-link will loose the dialup connection when submitting forms.

So does anyone have any feedback? And yes it is a 56k external Diamond supraexpress 56epro regular dial up modem. But you probably did not need to know that.

And again, someone who has knowledge of the Dl 808 HV who could guide me step by step through the process would be great. Everyone else can help too. But all routers name things differently. For example, the airlink has nothing called virtual server, which is in in d-links web settings) but does have port forwarding(that might have the same concept).

And again: No dumb answers or feedback such as make the switch from dial up to DSL. That was not my question. Thank you for your understanding for that.
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  1. UPDATE AS OF 9/30/2011 9:22 PM. I still am having dial up connectivity issues with router. However, there is one slight update I would like to tag on here. I noticed that if you DISABLE DCHP and enable Qos (both in properties under network control panel under local area connection AND in the interface for the THIS ROUTER under QOS Enable Physical Port) then you will still get the usual timeouts BUT this time just because you enter in data in a certain form or login in to AOL Mail it doesn't necessarily mean you will get an auto-disconnect once you sign in. Not at all. IF you do these settings there is a possibility of fully logging on to the AOL server or this forum. Yes out of 11 tries, maybe 5 were logged into mail and then disconnected while 1 session let me sign out 2 times fully log in and out. And as for this forum, I do not automatically get booted once I hit sign in.

    So that is just a small update.
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