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I have just recently bought a new graphics card and so i deleted my old gfx cards driver. i took my old graphics card out to install the new one, i plugged it all up and turned my pc on. but my monitor wouldn't show a visual display. so after awhile of turning my pc off and turning it back on after i reattach the new graphics card i find out that is isint compatible to my pc. just a little short on power supply. but anyway after i take the new graphics card out i threw it in a box to return it but when i installed my old graphics card. same thing happened my display wasint popping up. so i turned the pc off then turned it back on it booted up for 5 seconds then crashed the computer then
it booted back up on its own and crashed again this happened in a cycle until i take the card out and i counted it is about 4-5seconds every time. so my first thought was something mite have been shook loose so i checked all my components and every thing on my mother board is still intact. and i put the gfx card back in and the same thing still happend. i have had the same gfx card for over 2 years and it is still healthy. i just don't know why i cant start up my pc with it in. i only have 1 pci-e slot so i cant test in in a different location. and this is my only computer and i love to game if i cant use my gfx card ill be gameless for a over a half year tell i build a new computer
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  1. No offense but did you remember to connect the power cable ?
  2. the power cable? u mean the main power source to my computer... yes i did
  3. It sounds like your POWER SUPPLY is bad, and not only couldn't your new card work with it but the sudden strain may have wrecked your Power Supply for good.

    I'm not sure why you didn't buy a new power supply since a good one can be found for as little as $60.

    While it's possible that it's not your power supply, you are stuck with swapping parts. My advice is look at NCIX and get a quality PSU.

    Without knowing your exact details, here's an example of a PSU that should handle any PC:

    It's $50 after MIR with free shipping while the sale lasts. Seems to have good reviews.
  4. thanks ill try to find a new power supply
  5. rlija said:
    thanks ill try to find a new power supply

    There are lots of crappy Power Supplies or overpriced ones. If you're in the USA and the sale is still on consider the above product.

    If you'd like something else I'd be happy to verify the product.
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