Computer just restarts no reson

my computer just restarts for no reson
i tryed to install windows it will just restart no reson at all and it keeps doing it haves no windows in it atm i am so stumped took all the hard drives out one by one not the hard drives i reset the cmos not that i dont kno where to go from here at all

oh and btw its a 5000+ be anthlon
2gb ram
no os

onlything i can think if the motherboard haves a short or idk
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  1. first off update bios and clear your cmos

    also check that you have all your connections correctly plugged in
    also make sure you are completely updated

    do you have any other gpu's to test just to rule out gpu

    also run memtest

    it may be a shorted reset button so check your case and unplug that connection.
    it could also be a power button connection so try strating your computer using a screw driver and use the computer with out the power connection connected
    go to 14:25 and watch from there to see how to do this
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