How to install graphics driver with no monitor?


My laptop monitor died awhile back and I have just been using an external just fine.

I recently decided to update the graphics driver, so I uninstalled and rebooted.

But then it dawned on me that the external wouldn't work without the drivers installed.

So now I can't see anything because the external isn't working without the drivers.

Is there any way to install the drivers blindly? Or maybe using my phone?

I have them downloaded just need to figure out how to install without seeing.

I was thinking win+ f and typing the filename and hitting enter a bunch of times.

Anyone got any ideas?
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  1. This is a pretty strange situation, I really can't think of an easy way to solve this, one thing you could try is on the logon page set the voice over thing so it reads out load whatever you mouse is on, it might make it possible to navigate.
    Also you can try putting your drivers on a USB and just keep pressing enter or space once you have it in.
  2. Do you have network communication with the blind one? Does it boots?
  3. use another computer to replicate the order of operations.....

    just hafta figure out how to do it keyboard only on the working computer....and then replicate every step along the way :bounce:
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