Faulty Components?

OK, I've got quite a problem on my hands here. I decided to do a test of my components outside my computer case. I had everything set up to the best of my knowledge. The Motherboard was on the box, there were no wires or screws under the board, nothing on the components or PCB atop of the motherboard either. The CPU was installed no problem, no bent pins, thermal paste in the socket, etc. the graphics card was seated fine with the cables correctly installed. The RAM was in the correct slots My cooler was installed properly as well. all the necessary cables were plugged in, etc. On my power supply, there's an indicator light to tell the status of the PSU. When I turn on the switch, the light is orange, which means the PSU is in standby, ready to go. However, as so as i hit the power button on my motherboard, the fans twitch, and the indicator light goes red, which means something is being shorted out, and i'm confused to whats being shorted out or the problem lies elsewhere. :fou:

The specs if needed
CPU- Core i7 2600K
Motherboard- Asus Maximus IV Extreme
RAM- Corsair Vengeance, 8GB, 2133 MHz
PSU Enermax Galaxy Evo 1250W
Graphics- GTX 570
Cooler- Corsair H100

Note- I well aware that i have more power than i'll need, but i got the PSU for a good price from a friend
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  1. Tried it with a different PSU?

    Also, is it possible you built up static electricity and short circuited your motherboard?
  2. Did you use the motherboard standoffs?
  3. @samuelspark, sadly no, I don't have another power supply or enough money to get a different one. as for the static shock, I certainly hope not. I tried my best to remember to ground my self with my power supply,( just plugged in, not turned on)

    @redeemer, ,my dog managed to lose those for me, I'll try and get some when I can, although I don't know how that'll work since the motherboard box isn't conductive
  4. don't you have another computer where you can try it? Just use the integrated GFX.
  5. samuelspark said:
    don't you have another computer where you can try it? Just use the integrated GFX.

    I'll test the power supply this weekend with another computer, the board I have doesn't have any connectors for the igp on my processor. I really don't know the signs of a shorted motherboard, but if it helps, all the lights are on (ie. the power and reset, the clear CMOS button,the light that tells me which bios I'm using moves to the corresponding led when it's switched, and the ROG logo on the heat spreader on the board lights up as well) they also stay on after the fans stutter
    I also don't have another lga 1155 board lying around
  6. Thank you samuelspark and redeemer for trying to help out. Turns out my power supply is dead :/ hopefully get a new one soon.
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