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Hi all,
I have a rather odd issue ive not come across before. When i turn the pc on and it begins to post the Asus M4A78 Pro mobo(around the time the screen says (loading asus express gate) my Belkin F5D8633-4 wireless N router drops the ADSL connection (both the ADSL and Internet indicators go off, security, wireless, wired and modem router stay lit) this happens every time. The modem and ADSL cable are about 1m from the actual pc.
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  1. I've actually investigated this further, it happens even if there is no lan cable connection to the router, the router is moved to the other side of the room and there is now at least 2m between the pc and the router and all its cabling. A spare pc sat next to the router doesn't bother it however so it seems like some sort of electrical interference on the main pc. Any suggestions on what I can do for that?
  2. Did you plug your router to another power point when you move it from close to your main pc to further from your main pc? Sometimes, electrical surges on the power point (like power on your main computer) can make the modem to drop sync.
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