Help Me Choose Wireless Card?

I own a D-Link DIR-655 Router:

I'm looking for a wireless card, and narrowed it down to these two.

I'm on windows 7 32-bit, and main usage would be for gaming and occasional surfing.

Need some insight on which I should choose, and why.

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    The Linksys WMP600N is the ideal choice. I have three of these cards in 3 desktop computers. Win 7 and Vista systems. Working flawlessly for periods ranging from 16 months to 23 months.

    On the Win 7, we play COD, Black Ops, FSX using this wireless card. No issues ever.

    Very easy installation.
  2. Are you on an N network? And is your router dual band? I feel as if that would be a significant part of the linksys to be working well.

    Also what is the signal strength, and how far is your card from your router?

    Since my router is not a dual band, I'd imagine it wouldn't work as well.

    The dlink has 1 additional antenna and uses a pci-e slot instead. Would that have a positive impact in the signal strength or connection speed at all?
  3. Yes dual band and 'N' router as I mentioned.

    The signal strength is excellent (max bars).

    The distance from the router to the farthest computer (Win 7) is 30 feet, and the signal has to go through 3 walls (drywall).

    The Vista computer is about 25 feet away and the signal has to go through 4 walls (drywall) and one wood desk, and one door.

    I am very satisfied with Linksys and decline to comment on DLink. I even bought two Linksys wireless USB Adapters. Both working well.
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